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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

“EOS is what’s going to bring around the infrastructure of Blockchain 3.0, the instant and free transactions.” - Reeve Collins

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Listen to the CEO of any crypto company.

To hold that position right now means you have front-row seats to the cryptocurrency space. With that vantage point comes a...

Jan 30, 2018

“SALT is the only place you can borrow against your crypto assets to get leverage. This is only the beginning of the tokenization of value.” - Shawn Owen

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Every crypto has a unique angle.

And it is our job as investors to predict whether or not that angle will be valuable in the future. To accurately...

Jan 28, 2018

“Siacoin is going to totally remove the need for Amazon web servers while being tons and tons cheaper.” - Jai Bhavani

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Crypto investing is not a get-rich-quick play.

Contrary to popular belief, to do crypto investing right requires hours of extensive research, education, and commitment. The investor...

Jan 27, 2018

“Then I realized this isn’t just a coin. It’s a platform that promises to be bigger than the Web itself.” - Dave Levine

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Don’t invest with your gut instinct.

In the long-run, this ‘strategy’ has never produced financial gains. The intelligent and methodical investor is the one who comes...