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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

“The number one key success factor in crypto is not connections, not intelligence, not money. It’s taking action.” - Trevor Koverko

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It’s no secret that money breeds ego.

And it’s also no secret that ego clouds your vision. So the question becomes: how do you stay humble while getting rich? In...

Mar 14, 2018

“2018 will be the year of the privacy coin because people want anonymity.” - Howard Marks

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The whole purpose of cryptocurrency is to move away from the government.

But as the crypto space grows, we are starting to see corruption grow. With 70-80% of all crypto transactions happening in Asia, many of...

Mar 7, 2018

“What if we had a rational currency where nobody or no government could print more? That was the basis of Bitcoin.”  

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Blockchain will save the world.

We hear this a lot in our crypto conversations. The overeager blockchain enthusiast is quick to say that every problem will be solved by this...

Mar 6, 2018

“Develop the tools and technology to empower people to be in control of their lives.” - Anthony Diiorio

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A racing mind can’t innovate.

If your inner monologue is constantly leapfrogging from thought to thought, how will it ever cut beneath the surface? Counterintuitively, a slow mind is much more...