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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Dec 31, 2017

“It’s not hard to see the future. Getting the timing right is the challenging part.” - Brock Pierce

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2017 was a year filled with Bitcoin headlines.

We learned it could go up 200% in a month, and then drop $5,000 in a day. We learned which of our friends were skeptics and which seized opportunity in front of them. We learned a lot in 2017.

But if you thought 2017 was the year of cryptocurrency, get ready for 2018.

On today’s episode of the Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind show, we review some of the best highlights from this past week’s interviews. From analyzing data chart graphics with William Duplessie to questioning the philosophy of trading with Brock Pierce, today is about covering all things crypto-related.

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“Charlie Munger says that you should hold no opinion if you can’t argue the opposite opinion better than the one you hold. The true marker of intelligence is someone who can see both sides to every situation” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • All Bitcoin assets are fractionalized; you can buy as little as you want
  • Blockchain will revolutionize the real estate industry by giving the people power to buy fractions of houses
  • Don’t invest in speculative capital, only put in money you can afford to lose
  • Wall Street influence will be positive: increased volume means decreased volatility which means these assets become safer and more people put more money in.
  • Use Google Authenticator, never use SMS authentication
  • Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand
  • People who can best control their psychology win at the trading desk
  • Making money is not an IQ thing
  • You can move money from Coinbase to GDAX to get a closer look at analytics
  • “You trade on the rumor, and you sell on the news.”
  • Golem is a small alternate coin that has hype surrounding it
  • Focus on the bottom of candlesticks when trading
  • Technical analysis applies to crypto markets because they aren’t mature
  • Increased volatility - the books are small because the blockchain can only support a certain amount of traffic
  • Ripple's execution is spot-on, being used in the international banking system
  • MIT is skeptical of the security of Iota's cryptography
  • Eos is more decentralized but less censorship-resistant
    • Can take tens of thousands of CC transactions per year
  • Bet on the projects Brock Pierce is behind
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash trade inversely; when one goes up, the other goes down
  • Most new open-source technologies are built on top of Ethereum
  • When evaluating alt-coins, research the founding team and read the whitepaper