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Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind

Dec 20, 2017

“The price can go up and down, but if you watch the fundamentals, and the energy is growing and the smartest people in the world are joining, then it will go up.” - Dave Levine

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There’s much more than Bitcoin.

Every day a new token, coin, technology, or platform is released to the market. Each has its own angle or code that has investors and crypto-experts talking. While many are worth noticing, the reality is that most aren’t what they’re hyped up to be. And it’s up to us to separate the real up-and-comers from the ones that will inevitably fizzle out.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez BitcoinCrypto Mentor Mastermind show we are joined by Dave Levine. Dave is the world’s certified expert at detecting which coins deserve our attention. With his personal business on autopilot making $14 million/year, Dave has committed his entire life to researching and understanding cryptocurrency. His insights are rooted in fact and will undoubtedly help propel us to make the $700,000 he’s made in the past year investing in cryptocurrency.

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“I see similarities between this and the Web, but this is bigger.” - Dave Levine

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Find people who are winners (Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jed McCaleb)
  • The biggest gains come from holding things for 5+ years
  • Invest in platforms that have proven their application in the real world
  • Put a little bit of money in so even if it goes down, you have more to put in
  • Blockchain will revolutionize everything: politics, shipment tracking, etc.
  • Don’t get emotional when investing, you will be vulnerable to consistency bias
  • Ignore people who say you’re spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)
  • Some platforms like Stellar allow you to hold crypto on the exchange
  • Wall Street hasn’t entered the cryptocurrency world yet
  • Cost-average is spreading your time risk so you can absorb fluctuation
  • Proof of stake requires less energy to proof of work
  • The internet will be replaced by blockchain by making it more secure
  • Asian investors are leading the charge on crypto because they are accustomed to alternate forms of payment
  • Don’t use your phone number on Google recovery
  • You can make money at every point in the capitalism curve
  • Tailor your investing strategies to your belief/understanding of the underlying technology


  • Stellar is one of the few crypto projects trying to solve real problems
    • Right now it is becoming IBM’s main payment platform
  • Ripple has gone 15x over the past 8 weeks
  • Iota is a polarizing protocol coin; people either hate or love it
  • Biggest-name, most-insured exchange is Coinbase
    • Highest fees and can only big-name coins
  • Other exchanges: Poloniex, and Bittrex
  • Ethereum has transaction-growth of over 2000% in the past year
    • Companies building on top of the technology
  • Omisego (OMG) is a South Korean Ethereum-based payment-processing technology yet to be launched
  • Read This Time is Different to understand magnitude of federal debt
  • QTUM is on the rise right now
  • Litecoin is just a variation of Bitcoin, but the price just tripled
  • Salt is for borrowing money for larger holders