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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Feb 26, 2018

“Ether was not intended to be a cryptocurrency. It was meant to be an oil to Bitcoin’s gold. It was used to fuel applications built on top of it.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Reviewing the basics never hurts.

No matter your skill level as a crypto investor, refreshing your understanding of the basic fundamentals can bring about newfound insights. Maybe you remember an angle you thought of months back or possibly you learn a new approach to thinking about blockchain technology. Whatever the insight is, applying it to your investment strategy can bring a higher level of profitability.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by Jeremy Gardner, founder of the decentralized prediction blockchain Augur, which at a market-cap of $300 million is said to be the most undervalued crypto-project in Silicon Valley. Jeremy is 25 years old and the brains behind the popular San Francisco ‘Crypto Castle.’ $11 billion is the total value of companies he’s involved in, and his depth of crypto-knowledge is something we can all learn from. Today, we hear his understanding of blockchain technology and what it means to be a cryptocurrency.

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“Blockchain, quite simply, is a distributed database that records all transactions that occur across a network.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Blockchain is a distributed database that records all transactions that occur across a network
  • What the Internet still lacks is the ability to seamlessly transact value
  • The trust-network on a blockchain makes it so you don’t need to rely on third parties
  • Right now, if you wire money it goes through a platform called Swift
  • There are different protocols in blockchain; Bitcoin is a protocol
  • The coin for Ethereum is called Ether
  • Alt coins are just slight forks/copies of Bitcoin
  • Hard forks means changing the block size
  • When people say ‘cryptocurrencies’ they usually mean ‘crypto assets’
  • Be aware of which tokens are securing a blockchain and which are not