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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Jan 30, 2018

“SALT is the only place you can borrow against your crypto assets to get leverage. This is only the beginning of the tokenization of value.” - Shawn Owen

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Every crypto has a unique angle.

And it is our job as investors to predict whether or not that angle will be valuable in the future. To accurately do this requires understanding both the micro and macro trends. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no greater macro trend than the fact that Bitcoin and other crypto assets will eventually take over all currency.

That is why on today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show, we are joined by Shawn Owen, Cofounder of SALT. SALT is a lending platform that allows you to borrow money against your crypto assets. It is the only platform of its kind and currently has over $1 billion in demand. Tune in to hear Shawn’s insights on the crypto landscape.

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“Every state requires a different lending license. So we follow all applicable laws before lending to anyone.” - Shawn Owen

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • SALT allows you to borrow leverage against your crypto assets
    • There’s a tax advantage to this method
  • SALT is a store-of-value, similar to an Amazon gift card
  • Right now, there is $1 billion requested in SALT Lendings
  • There are several different methods to lend through SALT (ex: you can underwrite)
  • Banks aren’t ready to integrate with crypto lending platforms due to technological inefficiencies
  • SALT only loans against Bitcoin and Ethereum