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Wen Lambo Crypto Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

“The fact that crypto has come in as an alternative puts pressure on the mainstream Federal Reserve and banks to do a better job.” - Tai Lopez

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There are 7.4 billion people on planet earth.

And that number is only continuing to grow. Population predictions have the world at 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. What this means for blockchain technology is more people in the networks and more brain processing power for whatever problem the technology is trying to solve.

On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show, we are discussing the current state of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. At its core, blockchain technology is a type of artificial intelligence (collaborative), so we take most of today’s discussion to discuss just what is at the core of the human experience. By dissecting it to this level, we can extrapolate the features A.I. and blockchain must integrate to create a collaborative intelligence that harnesses the power of all 7.4 billion people on planet earth. Tune in to learn how blockchain technology will change the world and thus, why investing in crypto technologies can help your portfolio.

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“The problem with crypto is how it’s presented, ‘We’re gonna decentralize!’ ‘Bring applications to the blockchain!’ It’s like, what are you even talking about?” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Think about your regrets enough so you won’t repeat them
  • Try to split your time thinking about the past, present, and future
    • You should allocate 33.3% of your thought to each
  • Beware of perverse incentives, as Charlie Munger says
  • If built properly with the right ecosystem around it, a machine has no incentive
  • You can buy Tesla with Bitcoin
  • The definition of emotional intelligence (EQ) is ability to read others’ emotional states
  • Read Descartes' Error to understand human emotion
  • Beauty is rooted in how many genetic mutations you underwent in the womb
  • Narcissists don’t like to be criticized
  • The 6 attributes of narcissism: authority, self-sufficiency, superiority, exhibitionism, exploitativeness, vanity, entitlement
  • Genetics is related to behavior more than people think
  • Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change over time
  • The mark of an intelligent person is how simply can he/she explain something
  • Be skeptical of the theory that the customer is always right
  • Narcissists are reluctant to take the blame for problems
  • In game theory, extremes in society tend to lose
  • Machiavellianism is sneaky, two-faced, manipulative; linked to being bullied as a child
    • Characterized as people who pursue in an interpersonally exploitative strategy
  • Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins to understand the theory of natural selection
  • Narcissism is a sense of entitlement and skewed value of others vs. value of themselves (welfare-tradeoff ratio)
  • Try to make your brand story stand out
  • Ask questions to strangers where you learn their story